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Discover our product lineup:

  • GlueSync

    Our flagship product that bridges the gap between relational and NoSQL databases.
    Use cases: caching, analytics, offloading...


  • Twinforce

    The app that easily integrates with your ERP, MES and CRM to empower your workforce and manage the production plan in real-time.
    Use cases: field services, workforce management, inspections...


  • Neptune

    NoSQL DBaaS for Couchbase and MongoDB
    Use cases: focus your headcount on new features while we manage the database.



GlueSync enables real-time, continuous, 2-way replication between RDBMS and NoSQL databases. Forget the classic ETL process: GlueSync operates as middleware and is designed for the Cloud-Native world, it supports workloads of millions of rows per minute and its setup takes minutes, not days.

GlueSync is the perfect tool for Database Administrators (DBAs) and Solution Architects eager to adopt NoSQL solutions to meet the modern needs of digital transformation, but concerned about the complexity of implementation and business continuity: whether it is a project in which NoSQL is used as a cache or as the foundation of a new application, it must be able to update the RDBMS in real-time or be fed by the data present in it without ever compromising its operation or altering its configuration.


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Today, more than ever, your company’s workforce needs agility, answers and feedback in real-time. TwinForce is a business app that provides an intuitive interface to your ERP data on smartphones or tablets, all without impacting your existing data management systems, so your IT manager can sleep soundly.
Typically, using MES or business operational information is definitely not as “Easy as using PlayStation!”, to quote some of our customers.
But we make it just that easy!

Our intuitive user interface is designed to support operator decisions both on the factory floor and in the field, profiling information by both work center and resource.
No more paper sheets and constant phone calls to find information between departments: allow your workforce to easily access and consult exactly the information they need, in an intuitive way with real-time feedback and without having to worry about internet connection.

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Neptune is the Database-as-a-Service dedicated to the NoSQL world, offering both Couchbase and MongoDB hosting.
Thanks to Neptune, you can count on a qualified support with service SLAs among the highest in the industry (up to 2h FRT – First Response Time) and on our professional services directly from the award-winning team of the NoSQL world.
To take full advantage of the database features, you can place your operational workloads here either entirely or partially, using it, for example, in HA (High Availability) through XDCR (Cross Data Center Replication) with other regions you have or that you can request directly from us.


Discover Neptune for Couchbase

Enter the world of Couchbase NoSQL database with Neptune for Couchbase and get access to an Highly Available service, that also comes with Couchbase Mobile, fully managed by the Couchbase Community Award 2021 award-winning experts.

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Discover Neptune for MongoDB Atlas

Access MongoDB’s Atlas NoSQL database hosting with a competitive High Availability service offered in partnership with MongoDB and guaranteed SLAs of up to 2h first-time-response including all Atlas Pro support package plans.

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