Success cases

Mobile-friendly corporate car sharing native app

Arval - Henshin Group Ltd

A native mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows employees to book vehicles from their company’s fleet right at their fingertips. Select the date of your reservation, input custom vehicles parameters required for your travel and check which vehicle that matches your needs is available and where it is located. The key-pair to unlock your vehicle will be synchronized on the mobile app from the moment you need it.

The Challenge

Develop a business-grade app that needs to be integrated with the business logics and APIs provided by the customer’s fleet management platform. A highly customized app design and mockups should be followed as a guideline to provide a rich mobile-friendly user interface. Connection to the vehicle telematics needs to be integrated directly in-app due to different use cases, such as the ability to lock and unlock vehicles even when there isn’t internet connection available.

The Solution

In partnership with MV Labs, MOLO17 developed a native App for both iOS and Android platforms that guarantees one of the largest car rental companies an intuitive system for corporate car fleet management and booking. From vehicle selection to remote locking and damages assessment, it allows employees to rent the cars totally independently. Management costs are thus reduced and processes are sped up thanks to integration with vehicle telematics via both Internet and direct Bluetooth 4.0 connections.

Since its launch, we achieved great customer feedback, ranking the app 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ in both iOS and Android mobile app stores.

This project uses technologies related to Enterprise Software Development
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